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Friends only message!

October 11th, 2006 (11:38 pm)

Relin [userpic]

Finland review!

July 7th, 2006 (01:56 pm)

Current mood: melancholy

I had actually planned to write this entry exactly one month after I'd got back from Finland, but I forgot. Blame the weather...
Anyway, 3 days late, but here it is!

See, you come back and well yeah, I was rather disappointed in some people I considered friends (past tense...) Out of sight, out of heart it seemed to be. "You have to keep us updated!!" "Okay I will." So I did. I send an email with info before I left, updated my LJ from time to time and well the people that aren't on my friendlist, but who I know have been following my LJ can be counted on 4 fingers. Mom, dad, grandma and Jojanneke. Those were the only ones letting me know they've been following my LJ (Sorry if I've forgotten about you, it's the heat ;)). The others couldn't be arsed to write me a message and therefore I couldn't really be arsed to contact them. Does everything has to come from my side? Or am I just to blind and weren't we even friends? Well anyway, we aren't now anymore, I am too tired of it! And there's plenty of other, friendly fish in the sea!

In general Finland has been great. It's been a wicked experience. A little tough from time to time, but mainly it was just fun and very interesting as well.
As I'd already had predicted I have easily passed this semester, but according to previous students it wasn't too hard and indeed it wasn't. Whatever you did, they thought it was very good anyway...
It was a tad disappointing that it took so long until spring. In the beginning of april I was fed up with the snow and actually halfway may the trees were getting green. Rather have a 1 month winter and flowers and green trees for the other 3 months. Oh, btw, in the snowy period it was pretty slippary outside, but I did not fall. How cool is that? :D
Helsinki was simply great to live in. It's the capital, but it doesn't feel like it at all! I wans't too pleased with the flat when I got to hear where it was, but it turned out to be the ideal location: 5 mins from the city centre, 7 mins from school, 4 mins walking from the trainstation, 4 supermarkets in the near area, swimming pool in 10 mins walking distance. Couldn't have asked for much more! The room was quite small, but certainly big enough for 4 monts. Even managed to sleep there with mom and dad, their lugagge and everything else that was in my room, so yeah, a lot does fit on 10m2!
And of course the public transport has been brilliant. So easy to travel without paying for your ticket. Shame we can't do that in NL :(
The trips we've made were all great! I've seen so many new places, I've taken soooo many pics (no less than 2388 *shock*) and they will always remind me of the wicked times. Russia still was sort of the uncivilised world, Tallinn was very pretty, though I woul have loved to have been there in summer, even prettier. Stockholm was beautiful and Lapland was fun.
I've met a whole lot of new people, though with most the contact was rather superficial. 'we stay in touch!' yet I've not recieved any email. Ah well, it's not the end of the world as I didn't even know those people very well. There's 2 girls I will try to stay in touch with as we were rather good friends. Would love to visit them in their home countries, but not this year *cough* money...

Tried to keep it short as I doubt you'll be interested in anything too long. So I guess this is it. The whole exchange period in Finland is over. I've got my list with grades, it's said we will still recieve an X-amount of euros from the Erasmus scholarshop (SOON please) and with that on my bankaccount it's officially over. 
I still have the pics and the remembrances and I will cherish them as much as I cherish my other pics and remembrances :)

Now all I've got to do is find a job for the summer, but that's easier said than done *sigh* I am just too bored now...

Hope you've enjoyed reading about my Finland experience. I've certainly enjoyed keeping the few that were following my adventures updated from time to time.
Thanks to those of you who have been there for me when it was a little tough. Thanks mom and dad for coming to visit me. That's been one of the highlights. Was great to have you come over. Thanks to those for all of your support!

Kiitos paljon!

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What a welcoming committee!!!

June 5th, 2006 (08:48 pm)

So yeah, left the apartment at 11.30AM and walked to the busstop. (btw, my keyboard at home sucks, so don't blame the messenger for the spelling errors... :S) Bus was on time and brought me to the airport. Checked in, only had 23 kgs of luggage to check in, how cool is that?! So yeah, obviously I did not have to pay and then went through the passport control.
Had to take my laptop out of my suitcase and out of the laptop bag, so all in all, after the passport control I had my hands full with an open suitcase, laptop + bag and 2 coats, wonderful...Packed again and sat down at the gate to listen to some music, read a book and take pics of planes. All at the same time, but I am a chick, I can do that ;)
Plane was there well on time and we could get in. Found myself a nice window seat and then heard the estimated flight time was 2h and 5 min. That's pretty quick. In the end we landed 15 mins ahead of schedule and then I had to wait for my suitcase. Already saw my dad standing and without having my mom in sight, I'd figured she'd be armed with a camera :S Heard my dad shout and so my expectations were confirmed :S
Sat down to have a drink and then drove back home.
At home the whole garde was full with stuff and a welcome home sign bla bla bla. Just glad I didn't get the whole entourage at the airport. I'd be deadly humiliated :S
And then my cat, he was scared of me! He ran away faster than light :'( But now he likes me again :D And he's biiiig! He's like a proper cat now :D

So yeah, well today my 'welcoming committee' arrived. You should know that I live in a pretty quiet street, only cars passing are form visitors and such, but all of a sudden there were a lot of cars and then more and more and more. We've had more in 15 mins than normally in 1 year! Dad went to have a look and then it struck me that an accident must have happend. So went out as well and indeed, quite a big accident had happend. A car and a motorbike were involved. The female driver of the car was in shock, but okay. The female passenger of the bike was brought to a nearby hospital but the ambulance crew was still working on the guy. You heard him moan in pain and well, I am not going to stand there all up close as a noisy person, but I couldn't see any blood, so from that point of view, his suit had protected him extremely good. Then the police asked us if a helicopter could land somewhere here and we told him that was possible. So waited for the helicopter to arrive and well, the guys were actually taking their time. The pilot stood next to us, talking about all sorts of stuff. He also wanted to know who the 'welcome home' sign was for and such, while the others in the chopper went to the street where the accident had happend. Walked back there again after some time and the guy was quiet now, guess they gave him something for the pain or so. He was brought to the helicopter and then it left to the hospital as well.
As it was said, at first his condition was critical, but they had managed to stabilize him before he'd went to the helicopter.
So yeah, that was my 'welcoming committee'. Normally small accidents happen on that street, that's ever so often, but I've never seen anything as big as this. I have never in my life seen a helicopter from that close, let alone a traumaheli (sp?). It was quite windy though when it arrived and left ;)
So went back and the investigation had started as of how it happend and then I heard the bike was not insured. Marvellous, you are nearly dead and your bike is not insured. How wonderful...

A few pics, nothing shocking as I didn't want to do that, we had a paparazzi already nearby :S are underneath the cut.

But well yeah, I am home again ;)

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June 4th, 2006 (09:04 am)

Current mood: numb

in other words: Departure day.

1.5 more hours and I will be on my way to the airport.
Feels a bit strange to say goodbye to the place I've called home for the last few months. It's also strange to go home. Dunno really what I want at the mo. I'd like to go home, but I wouldn't really mind to stay here as well... But yeah well, can't stay here anyway as there's a new tenant moving into my room today. And the weather sucks, but I don't think the weather in NL will be better.

Nah, guess I go home and if all goes well I'll be in Cologne at about 4PM and then there's the looooooooong journey home. So yeah, I'll be home some time in the evening...

Oh yeah I told you I'd bug you with suitcase shit right? Well there isn't any really because it all fits! *shock* except for this one blanket, but I am leaving that one here. So no ranting about that.

Next message will be from HOME, NL
Not HOME, Pasila...no HOME NL!


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June 2nd, 2006 (07:44 pm)

Current mood: sad

Last bunch of Finland pics online (from today)
Last time at school
Last time in the train without a valid ticket
Last time in the Spar
Last time in Helsinki
Last time at the white church
Last time in the shopping centers
Last time enjoying the mint/chocolate ice cream
Last time car spotting (Limo, Hummer H2 and Ferrari 360 Modena today)
Last time in the Lidl

*sigh* Last times ain't cool...

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June 2nd, 2006 (12:13 pm)

The time has come for the goodbyes. Many people leave today and a few have already left, so yeah, that means it is really coming to an end.
Yesterday we went to Sara's party as she's leaving today and already said goodbye to quite a few people there as I doubt I will see them again before Sunday. But it was so strange, I am fully aware of the fact that I am going home in 2 days, but yet it was so strange to say goodbye to everyone. Made me realise it's really over...
Just half an hour ago, Lyssa and Marielle left and they had sooo much stuff with them. Sander and I walked them to the trainstation where they'd take a cap, while carrying part of their luggage as well. So that's the first 2 of my flatmates going back to NL. But this weekend 2 new peops will be moving in already, yup it is going fast here.

And then me on Sunday. Done with the school, will go to Helsinki in a bit to walk around, perhaps do some shopping and then head back home, to start with packing.

Oh and before I forget: Hyvää syntimapäivää Mia!!!

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House clean and then this...

May 31st, 2006 (07:56 pm)

So yeah we cleaned the house on Tuesday as the final inspection would come on Wednesday. Well, everything went fine, we were busy and all that. Everyone did a good job, the house has never been that clean, not even when we got it (it does smell a bit like bleach, but hey, it's clean...) and then the final cleaning did not show up today!
So all in all, we cleaned for nothing. No clue when they will be here, but probably when it is a mess. Mari came by and she said something that the final cleaning wouldn't be there as we aren't leaving yet. Made me wonder when they will show up as we all live on different dates. Starting from the 2nd of June, till the 9th. And on the fourth, there will be 3 new tentants in the house, in the rooms of those that have left already. How will they do the final inspection then? :S

Anyway, went out for dinner that night as it was Marielle's birthday. We went to Collorado, a mexican restaurant and the food was pretty good :D

After that we went to the Bar Fly for the last time (well, me anyway...) and there was a massive queue waiting outside. Fortunately we spotted some other Dutchies in the queue and we joined them. The Finns do that all the time as well, so now we can too. It's all part of the integration process :D Anyway, got in, went to the toilet first and left after about 30 mins again as it was SO crowded. I didn't really like it, too crowded for me and well, you just stood there, doing nothing, so yeah, we Lyssa and I left and headed back home.

I've added 2 new pics. One of my view at the moment, that's a little different compared to a few months ago, innit? And one of yesterday's dinner.

Oh and before I forget, don't fcuk with some people on ebay, or you might see this about you as well!

there, this'll probably be one of my last entries from Finland. It's only 4 more days now, of which I've got to spend 2 at school. After that the main concern will be about packing. Think I'll bug you with an entry about all my stuff and that incredibly small suitcase during the weekend ;)

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May 27th, 2006 (07:56 pm)

Dunno why, but there's fireworks here. Can see some of it from my window. Bit of white and red lighty stuff, quite some noise, but there's actually a tree and a building in the way.

It could have been great, but I think they've forgotten about the fact that it takes at least 1.5 more hours before it's getting dark here. So there's no effect whatsoever...Clever...

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Veni Vidi Vici LORDI!!

May 26th, 2006 (09:52 pm)

So yeah, I am back from Lordi. As mentioned in a previous post, they would perform in Helsinki, at the Market Square, for free, so we figured we should go as it could be fun.

A whole group of us, about 15 people went to the trainstation in Pasila and waited for the train to arrive. That drove pretty fast so we were like "stop!! stop!!!" and well, at the end of the trainstation it stopped, a few people got out and then it was shouted that the train was too full, no one could go in. Marvellous.
So we got back up and then the next train came at a different platform so we ran down there. Bloody full, but we managed to squeeze us all in.
5 mins later we arrived in Helsinki and the city was pretty full. Not as crowded as on Vappu, but we figured most of the people would be at the market square. Well indeed. CROWDED! Lyssa and I were shoven up front, really, we didn't even have to try to walk, we were just pushed forwards. In the end we stood about half way and decided to stay there, as there was a road next to us, meaning a quite easy way out. So, first there were a couple of bands (we arrived at about 8.30, left actually too late as the whole program started at 6, but Lordi was on at 9) and then Lordi came. The sound was baaaad, it was so hard to hear anything, in fact you could have a proper conversation with eachother...
So we decided to leave, they hadn't played Hardrock Hallelujah anyway and we didn't know how long it would take for them to do so.
And now we're back home. It was nice not to see them. Really, I couldn't see a thing! The screens were extremely small and I had either people or traffic signs in my way. So, tried to take some pics. They are crappy, but I've tried to make them a little more clear and made a cut-out out of the large pic. If I wouldn't have done that, you wouldn't have seen a thing :S

So, underneath the cut, without a copyright :D

Lordi picsCollapse )

Hope you've enjoyed the few pics ;)

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May 25th, 2006 (03:59 pm)

hehe, If the weather will stay okay, I will go to see Lordi tomorrow.
They give a free concert in the Helsinki Harbour, so we have planned to go there and see what they are really like ;)

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